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Combo sets of 3 Temukunci Sirih & 2 Tumeric Tamarind Tea @$55

Temukunci Sirih Jamu Drink
A blend of fresh Fingerroot & Betel Leaves, Lemongrass, Tamarind Juice, Lemons, Cardamom & Honey. Has anti inflammatory properties. 

This Jamu is coldpressed and delivered to you on the same day it is made. It needs to be refrigerated even if not open and it expires 21 days from the day it is made and delivered to you. 

Consumption: half a teacup each time (or more if need to). Best to have before bedtime.

Jamu Uncang Turmeric Tamarind Tea
Made with Turmeric, Gingers and Tamarind. Has the same benefit anti inflammatory properties as our Fresh Jamu Kunyit Asam but in tea form.
Jamu uncang expires in Oct 2023 and can be kept at room temperature.

Combo 3 bottles Temukunci + 2 packs Jamu Uncang Turmeric Tamarind Tea