A combo of Turmeric Concoction (Kunyit Asam): has anti inflammatory properties, helps to boost immunity, helps with irregular monthly cycle.

Temukunci Sirih:a blend of aromatic ginger (Temukunci or fingerroot), betel leaves and tamarind. Great for gastrointestinal issues

Beras Kencur: a blend of Cekur /Kencur (a ginger tranditionally used for aches and pains as well as cough), tamarind and coconut sugar

They are made through cold pressed juicing method to maintain the medicinal properties of each ingredient

Plus this combo comes with Turmeric Tamarind Tea which has the same benefit as its juice counterpart Turmeric Concoction but with a milder taste.

A great combo to have yourself ready for the new year

Combo Turmeric Concoction + Temukunci +Beras Kencur + Turmeric Tamarind Tea

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