Maharani: A concoction specially for women with a variety of fresh turmeric and gingers as well as herbs that are beneficial for women's inner wellness like Serapat, Manjakani & Kedaung. Great for postnatal mom, those recovering from miscarriage and those nearing menopause. Each bottle is 300ml. 

Consumption: Best to have before breakfast. 1 or 2 small cups each time. Cup size 30ml. Cup is included

Temukunci Sirih: contains Temukunci (Fingerroot-a herb from the ginger family that has aromatic smell), Betel leaves, lemongrass,cinnamon, cardamom, lemons,tamarind and honey. Great for the gut and gastrointestinal issues. Each bottle is 350ml

Consumption: Best to have in the evening
Serving size: half a teacup each time. You can also have more if you need to

Our jamu are coldpressed and not brewed to maintain the medicinal properties of each herb. They have to be kept in the fridge even if not open. They are delivered to you on the same day they are made. 

Our jamu are produced in an SFA certified production kitchen 

Maharani & Temukunci Sirih Combo