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Turmeric: Overcoming the bitterness of the fresh Turmeric root

Turmeric, Kunyit, Kunir, 姜黄, மஞ்சள், Turmerik or whatever turmeric is named in different languages do not matter but this humble herb has tons of benefit that are now proven scientifically.

They not only add that vibrant colour to cooking and your hands (if your skin gets in contact with the cut up parts of the root) but they enhances the flavour of food too. Especially South Asian and South East Asian cuisines. From fried chicken to Lontong, all owe their awesomeness to the humble turmeric.

In this article, we are not going to touch much on the benefits of this herb as that you could find all over the internet but we are going to share on how to make the taste of turmeric more palatable especially if you are taking it as part of your detox juice and you are using the fresh root.

Yes turmeric is good in helping your system to detox but the taste could be too strong for some people to swallow. Bitter in a way so to say.

So how do we overcome that bitterness???


We say..nope! That's incorrect.

We should combat bitter with something sour..add lemon juice, maybe lime juice..or maybe Apple Cider Vinegar or best..Tamarind Juice.

That's why you see it is common to find Asians especially the Javanese to drink Kunyit Asam or Kunir Asem. A mixture of Kunyit or Kunir (Turmeric) and Asam or Asem (Tamarind) as part of their daily supplement. The sourness in the Tamarind will counter the bitterness that the Turmeric has.

Now you know, to fight the bitter taste, add something sour!

Oh..but it's a hassle to add this and that you say. Easy, just consume our FRESH JAMU.

It's not bitter and it tastes citrusy 😉

Currently only available in Singapore.

Link to order:

Till we meet again in the next article.

Warm regards,



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